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Finally set up a soundcloud.


John Wolfe – Set You Free

“The day I found out I was performing at Future Forest 2017 I got inspired and created this track.”

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John Wolfe Set You Free

New Track! DeLucius by John Wolfe.



Playing around came up with this lil jingle. I have grown quite fond of it and have decided to release it.  Feel free to download or share the post. Keep it righteous, stay virtuous.


John Wolfe DeLucius

John Wolfe Love Me Better

Love me better

Love me better is a Chaka Khan remix I put together. Feel free to download and share. For promotional use only.


John Wolfe Love Me Better


John Wolfe – 0DD1


0DD1 or odd one is more of just an experiment In sound. More of an abstract piece then a club banger. Something I made just for me but I thought I’d share it anyways.



John wolfe John wolfe 0DD1

I wanna funk you in the Ass!

Funk you in the ass

I wanna funk you in the ass! New track by John Wolfe. One of my greatest works yet!

Download for free here John Wolfe Funk you in the Ass!


john wolfe future forest

I am super psyched to announce I will be performing at this years Future Forest Festival in New Brunswick! I will be  performing Friday July 28th on the prism stage. I am truly humbled and honoured to have be given such an amazing opportunity.

If I am being  perfectly frank… I only  started making  EDM in  october 2016. If im  being  doubley frank… I only started making EDM becasue my friends told me how  fantastic of a  time they  had  at Future Forest 2016, and I knew I had to go and enjoy this  experience with them. Why did that motivate me to start making EDM you ask? Legit my word on everything I am , I wanted to get a free ticket! Well dreams do come true!! The day I recieved notice that I would  be performing I was ecstatic. So motivated to go there and wow the crowds I started making a new track inspired by Future Forest.

John Wolfe – Set you Free

is what was spawned from this overwhelming  ball of excitement. I posted the song 3 days ago on youtube and it has recieved some great feedback and praise from all my fans! I can not  wait to play it  for you on July 28th and see you  all jam the fuck out to my music. John Wolfe is for the people and my m usic is designed to inpire love and  hope in all who listen to it!

So  humbled , So honoured. Thank you  Future Forest for this AMAZING opportunity. I will not let you  down!

Get ready to HOWL Atlantic Canada!!! AHWOOOOOOOOO!!! The wolfe is gonna tare the house down!!!

New Tracks Uploaded for Download April 6 2017

New Tracks Uploaded for Download April 6 2017

New Tracks Available for download!

Just  put a  few more tracks up. check em out. 🙂

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