Booty Buffet New Track By John Wolfe

Booty Buffet

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John Wolfe - Booty Buffet(5mb)


New track I just  finished. Spent the last  four days picking at it until I felt it was ready to release. I am  really  happy  with the  final  mix of this. I really poured my heart & soul into this  track. Pretty ground breaking for myself. Unique style on this one.

I actually managed to use some of my old hip hop in this one. I incorprated some of my  own  vocals from a song I wrote. Very amped up & high energy. Please like share and subscribe on YouTube & Facebook.

Booty Buffet by John Wolfe is an amped up high energy EDM track. From Canada with a unique sound. Revolutionary. Book for gigs today – 9024038224

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