I am super psyched to announce I will be performing at this years Future Forest Festival in New Brunswick! I will be  performing Friday July 28th on the prism stage. I am truly humbled and honoured to have be given such an amazing opportunity.

If I am being  perfectly frank… I only  started making  EDM in  october 2016. If im  being  doubley frank… I only started making EDM becasue my friends told me how  fantastic of a  time they  had  at Future Forest 2016, and I knew I had to go and enjoy this  experience with them. Why did that motivate me to start making EDM you ask? Legit my word on everything I am , I wanted to get a free ticket! Well dreams do come true!! The day I recieved notice that I would  be performing I was ecstatic. So motivated to go there and wow the crowds I started making a new track inspired by Future Forest.

John Wolfe – Set you Free

is what was spawned from this overwhelming  ball of excitement. I posted the song 3 days ago on youtube and it has recieved some great feedback and praise from all my fans! I can not  wait to play it  for you on July 28th and see you  all jam the fuck out to my music. John Wolfe is for the people and my m usic is designed to inpire love and  hope in all who listen to it!

So  humbled , So honoured. Thank you  Future Forest for this AMAZING opportunity. I will not let you  down!

Get ready to HOWL Atlantic Canada!!! AHWOOOOOOOOO!!! The wolfe is gonna tare the house down!!!

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