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Who is John Wolfe?


John Wolfe is a Digital musician and producer. He has spent the last 15 years as a hip hop artist and producer honing his skills and mastering his trade. John Wolfe is an ever evolving artist not limited by any particular genre. his new found passion for all EDM has ignited a spark  that has quickly turned into an all encompassing fire in his soul driving him to  new and exciting frontiers in experimental production.

John Wolfe
John Wolfe Artist & Producer

Fueled by an unrelenting work ethic and love for art, he is quickly on his way to becoming and industry originator whose influence will help mold the  music of a future generation.

John Wolfe has one concern when it comes to his music; “So I just want to see my music make people happy. If I can have just one person tell me my music helped them get through something. Even just a long wait for the bus… that is more then I could ever ask for.”

Despite his many talents, which range from visual arts, 3D animation, music composition, performance, and production, he remains noticeably humble in his skin. When asked how he would describe himself and his skill set he answered simply with…

“I am an artist and nothing else.”


Organized Chaos…

I want to thank everyone  for coming to my site. I really invest my heart & soul into my music. It is my truest passion.

I am really looking forward to this summer and and all the festivals the East Coast of Canada has to offer. I have already submitted applications to several of them including Future Forest & Evolve.

Be sure to check out the stream & downloads section for the latest  tracks. My Youtube channel will be updated with tracks and videos on a regular basis. If you  would like to  support by  subscribing you  can do so at my channel. For bookings or to contact me personally for any reason  there is a  contact form for you to fill out.

John Wolfe