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Feel free to distribute these tracks however you’d like for non profit use. I plan to update regularly with new streams & Downloads.  I’d also highly recommend subscribing to my you tube channel. Furthermore It will constantly be hosting all sorts of  video from different artistic endeavors. So again I just want to say thank you for visiting. I really hope you enjoy the music. I am always open and encouraging feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Set You Free

  •  Booty Buffet
booty buffet
booty buffet by john wolfe

Finally Booty Buffet by John Wolfe is an amped up high energy EDM track. From Canada with a unique sound. Revolutionary. Book for gigs today – 9024038224

  •  Organized Chaos Mix

John Wolfe EDM – Downloads



  1. Organized Chaos Mix  (65mb)
  2. Booty Buffet (5mb)
  3. Morning Star (Peyote Chant Remix)
  4. In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins Remix)
  5. Mongolian Star Child
  6. Shout ( Tears for Fears Remix)
  7. John Wolfe - Set You Free
  8. John Wolfe - Here Comes the Sun (Metric - Gimme Sympathy Wee!-Mix)
  9. John Wolfe Funk youin the Add!
  10. John Wolfe 0DD ONE